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A 25-year hospitality saga emerges with new purpose.
With over 25 years in the hospitality business and after successfully leading her catering business to a full-fledge event services company, Jennifer Delaye, CEO of The JDK Group, endured a personal metamorphosis in her business and personal life.

Following her profound revelation and subsequently scheduling a meeting that Delaye has defined as “fate”, she realized that it was time to take her founding business principles, customer-centric approach, and core culture to new heights.

Recognized for setting the new standard for full-service catering and events in the Central Pennsylvania region, it was no surprise to her team that Delaye would pursue her element and embrace change with the thought of something new.

Propelled by passion, tenacity, and tremendous courage— a new brand of hospitality services was born in 2012.

Métalaye Enterprises, Inc. (pronounced met-a-lay) derives from the word metamorphosis and CEO, Jennifer Delaye’s last name.

Think differently and explore the chances of something new.
Métalaye Enterprises is a hospitality management company that provides a renewed client service experience for the hotel and restaurant industry.


At Métalaye, we see hospitality differently.

Our team doesn’t need a reason to help you find your purpose. Our mission is to provide our clients with a renewed perspective about the hospitality business by delivering an engaging guest experience, serving incredible food, hosting milestone meetings and events, and employing passionate people.
As the sister company of The JDK Group, our reputation for excellence originates from our founding core values of flawless execution, constant innovation, passionate and talented employees, and unparalleled customer service.

Nestled in the heart of Central Pennsylvania is where we call home.

Métalaye Enterprises is the principal venue management group overseeing the food and beverage service as well as the 20,000 square foot meeting and event space at the Clarion Hotel in New Cumberland, Pa.
The Métalaye team additionally operates a new restaurant concept in New Cumberland, Pa. dubbed The Garlic Poet.