The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center Loves Pets...

Looking for a place where your pet is always welcome? If you're like most pet-owners, your pets are a part of the family, and leaving them behind when traveling can be a traumatic experience. Luckily, at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, we understand this and have a number of pet-friendly rooms throughout the hotel.

If you are interested in having your pet stay with you on property, each guest must sign a pet release form at check-in.

Pets weighing less than 50 pounds will be permitted to stay with their owners in designated hotel rooms

To make reservations for a room to accommodate a pet, please contact our hotel reservations department direct. We will apply a non-refundable fee of $25 per night to your room charge. For reservations staying longer than 6 nights, please contact our reservations department for reduced extended stay pet fees. Guest's must either cage their pet or remove their pet from the room prior to housekeeping entry. If the pet would cause a disturbance the owner will be notified and must respond back to the hotel with-in 45 minutes of when the call was received. If the pet would cause any damages or cost to the hotel it will be the owner’s responsibility to pay for those costs. Each guest must sign a pet release form at check-in.

As a registered hotel guest who wishes to have my-house trained pet in my sleeping room, I agree to the following:

  • A maximum of two (2) pets may reside in one room at any time.
  • I will be responsible for any injury or replacement of any items stained or damaged by my pet.
  • I will be responsible for any injury inflicted upon any hotel employee or guest by my pet.
  • Neither the Clarion Hotel nor any of its employees shall be responsible for the safety or well-being of my pet.
  • I understand that the Clarion Hotel may remove my pet from my room at the expense if my pet is left unattended and causes a disturbance.
  • I will keep my pet on a leash at all times while in public areas both inside and outside the building.
  • I understand daily maid service is provided by the Clarion Hotel. I will notify the front desk of a time housekeeping will be able to enter my room to provide service.
  • I understand that an employee of the Clarion Hotel will inspect my room upon departure from the hotel and assess the room for any damage.

Please be respectful of our other guests and clean up after your pet both inside the room and on our lawn. Please contact us if you have any questions about our pet policy.